How to cook a caramel parfait

Only 4 ingredients

Heat 100 ml of cream. Caramelize sugar over medium heat until golden brown.

Golden brown caramel

Add hot cream and let simmer for a few minutes until all sugar lumps are dissolved. Put aside.

Caramelized sugar and cream without lumps

Separate the eggs

Whisk egg yolks and caramel cream together in a bowl over a medium hot Bain-Marie until nice and smooth. Put the bowl into ice-water and whisk away until the creme is cool.

Egg yolks and caramel cream over Bain-Marie

Whip the remaining cream and fold it into the cooled caramel creme.

Cream and creme

Whip egg white with a pinch of salt and fold it into the creme. Pour the creme in a box and freeze for 6-8 hours. Serve with tart fruit or compote. Enjoy !

Ready to enjoy

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