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Radio: Chain Saws

Chain saws aren't just for lumberjacks anymore. These powerful tools now come in a range of sizes, with lightweight ones well-suited for smaller jobs and heavy-duty models built for taking down large trees. But even a small chain saw is a powerful tool that needs to be handled carefully.

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The first rule of using a chain saw is to never, ever cut in an upward motion-that's a serious accident waiting to happen. And don't cut toward yourself. Always use a motion that goes away from your body, so a slip doesn't have drastic consequences.

Chain saws come in electric and gas models. Electric chain saws are smaller, quieter, and less powerful than gas-powered models. They used to be limited to jobs that were within range of your extension cord, but new rechargeable models can go anywhere you need them. They're small and lightweight, and a good choice if most of your work is on smaller tree limbs.

Gas-powered chain saws are the big boys in the field, with the most powerful ones capable of felling even the most enormous trees. They need more maintenance than electric models, but if what you need is sheer power, a gas-powered model is what you want.

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